Skirts for You

Hello Gals! Today's video is about something that I think you'll gonna like. Every woman love skirts, and there's always that special day, that you want to feel more feminine than ever, and you want to rock that skirt that you love. Problem is, sometimes it's hard to figure it out, what is the best type of skirt for your body type. Girls with a wide hip-line, want to cover it, girls that have no hips, want a bolder hip-line. Is always like this, woman are never 100% happy with their own bodies, but the good thing is with the right clothes you can feel the most beautiful girl in the entire world and feel super confidant with your body and who you are.

So, on this video, I explain what are the diferences between body types and also wich skirt fits your body type better. No body type is better that the other one, they are all different  and all beautiful on their own way. We just have to know how to enhance our qualities and hide the parts that we don't love the most! ;)

With Love,