Get Party Ready (ASAP)


Hello Loves!

I decided to bring you guys a video that shows easy can be for a woman to get party ready in 3 minutes! You just need to have a few key elements and then there is no excuse to no get out, to celebrate and hang out with our friends!

I'm pretty sure it happen to everyone this: you are home, reading, or watching TV and suddenly a friend calls  and invites you to party, RIGHT NOW! You want to go out, but you are no ready, you're wearing your school/work makeup and your hair is not in its best days. No problem!!! Do not panic ! Check out this video and you'll see that in 3 minutes you are ready to go party!

I decided to start a new series of videos called, Kate in a Heartbeat. This series name says it all. These upcoming serie will focus on super short videos, super direct, with super useful tips and tricks to make your life easier! Let's make everything simple!

Dressing well, looking good, beautiful skin care, makeup, choosing clothes, don't need to be a drama and I'm here to prove it! For the first video I decided to choose this topic, a woman being capable to be ready to go out in just a few minutos,  in a realistic way! Usually women don't have much time, there is much to do, study, be with friends, kids, organizing home, working, being with family, but is no less important-take care of ourselves.

So stay tuned to this new series, Kate in a Heartbeat. Curious?

With Love,