Swimsuit DIY

Before DIY.

After DIY

The summer was arriving and I wanted a very simple, plain baby blue swimsuit. I love this color, it's very trendy and it looks good in my skin tone. I did some research online, an I found a very cute and affordable option at Asos. I could always return if I didn't like it, so I purchase this one. When arrive, and trying it out at my place the label sticker that is placed on the pantie parts of the swimsuit, for hygienic reasons, peeled of. Meaning, I couldn't returned it anymore! Oh great! The swimsuit was way too short on me, I was not able to tie it on my neck, or my boobs will show.

So then I thought, you can I make this work? Well, I need to give it hight. So I did. I went to my local sewing supply store and I bought two different types of crochet stripes, that would look good on my swimsuit. One to give the hight I needed, and one just to add a flare on the halter part of the swimsuit. So, I went to a lady that I really trust to make me this alterations, and that's it.

I bought this swimsuit here , and it cost me $18. I bought some materials that cost me around $4 and the labor to make it $6. So the total of this swimsuit is $28. I will never in million years would find a swimsuit this unique for less than $60, so I'm pretty happy with this DIY.