So Casual

Today I sport a very casual outfit, perfect for everyday. A cute crop top, off shoulder, that seems to be in vogue lately, this super comfortable high rise jeans and a pair of sneaker. This recipe can have infinite possibilities. But then, you can do your own twist. The crop top is specially romantic, because of it's own flowery pattern, and a cute sweetheart necklace shape. Then with my hair I went for a modern Brigitte Bardot for a vintage touch.

And then I paired it with  this modern twist on the mom jeans, and a pair of white Converse, that goes with everything. Even with cute little dresses.

Let me know what is your favorite casual outfit?


Crop Top: Forever21 | Jeans: Urban Outfitters | Belt: H&M | Sneakers: Converse | Bag: Rosegal | Sunglasses: Zero UV