Kate and the Tribal Pattern


Hello Doll!

The look of today is focused on the tribal pattern of this long skirt. As you may have noticed I love using patterns, I think that makes the outfit look bolder and "richer", and the secret is: use the right amount at the right place and with the right combination of garments. This is about the size of the pattern relative to the size of the garment, ie, the pattern of a mini skirt must be smaller than in a long skirt.

In the right place, if you want to hide the tummy avoid wearing fancy patterns on tops, t-shirts, sweaters or shirts, because if you do you going to be drawing attention to the area you want to "hide". Use instead, pants with patterns or  a flashy footwear or accessories. The right combination for me and match with pieces that have a color that is present in the pattern, or a neutral color like black, white, navy, camel and gray. If you are an adventurous mix with other patterns, but you have to be more careful! Make sure that the size of the patterns are quite different and / or patterns that have at least one color in common. In other words, or in this case could have used a black top with tiny yellow spots.

What do you think of this look? Would you use? Or would you rather play it safe? 'd Love to know your opinion! :)


H&M hat- $7

Topshop top - $7

H&M skirt - $30

Boutique store sandals - $15

Forever21 bag- $12

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