Denim for days

I bought my first denim jacket.

The other ones I've been wearing were actually Levi's from my Dad.

I flew black to LA, and I decided to get myself my first denim jacket.

Timeless Elegance

Watches have been a symbol of elegance, status and most important of all, power.

Power to control your time, to be precise, to be a better professional, to never get late.


Love this t-shirt.

More Issues than Vogue. Sounds familiar? 

Everyone has their own issues. Problems, things to solve and sort out.

Backpack Mood

For years I stopped wearing backpacks.

I think because I wear it for so many years while in school.

But now backpacks have a whole different mood

Time to Explore

Often times you run around all day and you actually don't live.

You're not present. You just do stuff and you're do not stop for a moment and enjoy what is around you.