Kate likes to Break Some Rules

Hello Doll! Today as you know, is Outfit day! Today I come to you to talk about rules that must be broken and I will take this look as an example.

Rule: Never wear navy blue, black or brown. This rule, nowadays, no longer makes any sense, and I came to prove it. These colors are basic, neutral, or any of these colors are well with any other color. And once it was thought that because of that, they should not combine. Until Yves Saint Laurent introduced this "newness" in runways and since then has become popular and is now seen as a chic Parisian look. So what I want to show is that there are certain rules that were made to be broken. If you like lots of pink orange and yellow together, force! An orange dress with a yellow shoes, should give a super fun, freshly baked and perfect for summer look!

A few years ago if they told us to wear shorts jeans with a leopard sapatinhas and black fur coat, would come into vogue, no one would believe until someone looked out of the box, saw this possibility and risked.

Be creative, there is no price for that!


IMG_7288 IMG_7314




I'm wearing:

Skirt H&M $ 20

American Apparel T-shirt-$ 25

Zara shoes - $ 35

Details's Bag - $ 7

Forever21 Belt-$ 3

With love,