Kate is growing up

Hello Gorgeous!!! Yes, is true, I'm growing up. And it's happening so fast and gracefully. :) As a blogger I'm pretty happy and as the days go by I'm conquering my own space on the fashion blogger world. So, with that said, Thank you so much for all the love and support, for sharing my blog posts and videos. You guys make me soooo happy! You are making me want to share and share and share even more.  But now, let's talk about this look and why I look so tall, right?

Answer: The awesome combination of a high-waisted Mini-skirt and a "nude" color pointy shoes. That's it!

First, high-waisted garments will all make you look taller because create the illusion that your legs start way higher than they actually are. Second, the mini skirt shows off more legs heigh so that's very good to look taller. And for the last, nude color shoes, will create the illusion that you legs is longer, because there isn't any "line" breaking it, also pointy shoes elongate your your legs/feet so you will look taller as well.

The hat is also a great accessories that will make you look taller, 1 to 2 inches actually, because will create the illusion that your head is taller. It might seem silly, but it's actually a great trick, and is so stylish! ;)

Hope you enjoy this look and tips!








I'm wearing:

Massimo Dutti Shirt - $10

H&M Skirt- $15

Details Bag - $7

Zara Shoes - $35

Zara Hat - $25

With Love,