Kate goes Sex and the City

Hello Dolls! ❤ Today's outfit is inspired on the tv show  Sex and the City. I always loved, the script is cool but what I enjoyed more was the characters outfits. I miss Sex and the City!!!! Who else loves it??? :)

I am wearing a ballerina mid-skirt with a casual t'shirt with a strong grafic. Don't be afraid to mix fashion styles and trends. When you do this is very fun and there is a big chance for you too look AWESOME! Imagine I would ware this same t-shirt with the same style jeans and shoes (converse, probably) = boring. Be fierce, be creative, have fun mixing and matching. I can see other good example of different styles mixed in --> http://katecaviar.com/kate-goes-out/ , where I'm wearing a princess strapless dress with a cool fake leather jacket.

So, what did you think? I will dare you to dare me to mix up more fashion styles, just name it! ;)









Estou a usar:

H&M  T-shirt- $6

H&M skirt- $10 (sales)

Forever21 Belt- $3

Forever 21 Bag- $20

 Aldo Shoes- $30 (sales)

Forever21 necklace- $8

With Love,


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