Kate goes Red

Hi gals! Today's look should have been post last monday, but I took a week off, so I'm late! Well, i'm posting today, better later than never! :)

For the ones who follow me on instagram (@Kate_Caviar) you may know that I went back to Portugal to visit my family and take some rest in the meanwhile. But, I did not forget about you! I have some news for you guys, this week, and I hope you'll like it.

Today I tried to recreate a Femme Fatale Look. I want to show you that for you to get a sexy outfit you do not have to show a lot of skin! Actually I think that's a bit vulgar.

My rule: If you choose to use cleavage, don't show your legs. If you choose to show your legs try to use a discrete cleavage. It's al about balance.

You can see another example in an older post Kate and the Cocktail , I'm wearing a dress that cover legs and cleavage, but has a big cleavage on the back. That's the balance that I'm talking about.

The dress that I'm using on this look shows a bit more of cleavage, but I think it's the right size. This dress reminds me about Mad Men (tv show), does anyone see it?

The dress is red and white/pale pink so I choose to wear pale pink accessories. To create the illusion that I taller I decided to wear a think belt on my waist. (not on my hips)

What do you think about this look? Would you wear it? :)





I'm wearing:

Dress from Corey Lynn Calter - gift

Shoes from Primark - $10 (sales)

Belt from Forever21 - $3

With Love,