Kate goes Floral Coral

Hello Princess! Friday! Whew ... finally! This week was busy, long nights, editing videos and finding time to watch fifa world cup games! ;) Whoever follows me instragram, you've probably noticed that I twist by Argentina, so fingers crossed until Sunday! ;) On this look, there are a few things to say. As you saw in my last video, I love floral patterns, are used forever and for me, it will not leave. There are women who think flowers always seem very naive, or childish.

I disagree, there are patterns and standards, and of course there are nicer than others, and this will the person's taste, but the boyish, it just depends on how we combine with the rest of the look. I this case, as the skirt and blouse are very feminine, (the shape of the skirt, which shows the hips, and the blouse with flowers and silk) wanted to combine with accessories that were not as delicate as the hat is unisex , boots and trinket reminiscent of old shoes from our grandfathers! The portfolio also has a very practical air, and reminds his bags to go to school, or bags of old carteiros.Por this if they feel they have a piece of clothing that marks much a style, combine with pieces that are the opposite . You can see more examples of mixed styles here on my blog.










I'm wearing:

Zara hat - $ 25

Zara blouse - Mom gift :)

Zara skirt - $ 10 (sales)

Kate Spade Bag - Gift

Seychelles Boots - $ 40 (sales)

With love,