Kate goes Ballet

Hello Ladies! Today is friday so that mean Outfit post day. This time I bring you a very simple, elegant and romantic look. The midi skirts are back but this time the trend says :high-waisted skirts with length below the knee. This type of skirts are wonderful and look good in general on any type of body, however to make sure that you'll look you have to know some rules:

- Use it with a crop top. This way you ensure that high-waisted is visible, thus ensure that highlights your tiny waist, giving the illusion that you look leaner;

- Tuck a top/ t-shirt/ shirt into the skirt (the same effect described above);

- Use a belt. So acentuas the waistline, so you look taller and thiner;

- Choose the correct skirt length according to your height. Tall women can wear these skirts below the knee, and the skirt should end at the leg that begins to narrow zone. The stunted more women can use to just above the knee, however, have a strong leg must use the skirt length terminating with the leg in the zone that begins to narrow. This way the legs will look thinner and long;

- Use with open shoes and a color that is not too contrasting with your skin tone. For the legs look longer is essential that the shoe is just an extension of the leg, and so the shoe or sandal should not break this "line", so it should not have straps, should be open and low-cut, and if possible that has a similar tone to your skin color. Thus offspring the perfect illusion!

Hope you like this look and all these tips! ;)







Estou a usar:

Topshop's top - $7

Necklace made by me :)

Urban Outfiters' tiara - $12

Details' bag -$7 (sales)

Zara's shoes - $35

With Love,