Kate and the Sunset

Good morning Ladies !!! Good Friday! The look today is perfect for summer for warm days, one look that can be both casual days and for most special days. Today I come to you to talk about crop tops and climbs accounts. This combination is PERFECT. I'm not a girl to follow the fashions, like what I like, know what goes on runways and abstracting just a few things, I am not a "fashion victim" and I like to be. The fact is that I always liked bands increases and crop tops, and this year it "fashionable" returned to the stores was one lucky lady!

The trick to using crop tops in a stylish way is never show the navel, so the combination with spare strap climb is perfect. And the use of these two pieces together can create the illusion of a taller, slender figure, and we love it! :)

One more tip, this type of shorts, rise and wide leg brace, become leaner legs, sometimes shorts too tight thighs make them look thicker, so this would be an excellent option for girls with thicker legs.

Hope you enjoy this look and these tips! Would wear this look? If yes, why, if not, what would you change? I'would love to know your opinion! :)



_MG_9185 _MG_9184

_MG_9200 _MG_9186



I'm wearing:

Crop top Forever21 - $ 7

Zara shorts - $ 15

Kate Spade Wallet - Gift

Melissa sandals - $ 45

Aldo Accessories

With love,


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