Kate and the Portuguese Flag Colors

Good Morning Ladies! The look that bring you today's Portuguese well, I'm wearing the colors of the Portuguese flag as perhaps no one ever used them. There are many people who do not like the flag colors, find them very "folk" too gaudy, and do not blend well together. For this very reason I came to belie!

I present to you a very elegant look, "lady like" and contemporary.

Probably follow my blog have seen the pattern of the skirt I'm wearing in a previous look - Kate and the Lemons, this skirt is actually a dress. The dress is bandeau, just until the strap and then opens with a wheel. The way the dress is desenhad0 allows fold the gown in line with the strap, put the piece bandeau inside and closed until the closing brace, the fact that a wheel, and the fabric is light but not fluid covers perfectly to the top of the gown. I also know how to make magic! And there to improvise, and be original with what we have, is not it?

Jea someone used some trick of this kind? Who would wear this look? 'd Love to know your opinion and even suggestions for future look! :)













I'm wearing:

Top from Topshop - $ 7

Skirt (dress) Zara - $ 5 (super sale)

Forever21 belt - $ 3

Kate Spade Wallet - Gift

Chinese Laundry Shoes - $ 25

Necklace Store Street - $ 7

With love,