Kate and the Daisies

Hello Princess! Today is New Look day! As you may have noticed a week there is a new video and a new look, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays, respectively.

The look today is perfect for work, but also for an event such as a wedding or even a party. The pencil skirts has always been to use, especially in office work environments, but now everyone uses them, for any occasion. This kind of skirts especially favors baixinhas people (like me) because its strap gives rise to the illusion that we are higher, and the fact that they are straight and not to arm, or give volume, makes us look more slender. It is no coincidence that Kim Kardashian uses and abuses of pencil skirts, because she is very petite and has legs and hips are wide. This time I decided to wear the skirt with a blouse out, usually always use inside to mark the waist, but in this case not to lose the waistline, I decided to wear a belt. The white belt is important here to highlight the waist, but also to make me look taller. The fact that the belt be as above, and being so thin, it creates the illusion that my legs are higher!

The height of the skirt is very important, as most are stunted, the shorter the skirt should be, and the pencil skirts should be slightly above the knee or slightly below.

I hope you enjoyed the look and feel free to suggest ideas for looks, or even videos!



IMG_7097 IMG_7050


IMG_7070 copy



I'm wearing:

Top that I stole from my Mom

Belt that I stole from my Mom

H&M skirt - $ 14

Aldo shoes - $ 30

Forever21 Clutch - $ 12

With love,