Kate and Suits

Hello Princesses!!! How was your week??? I heard that rained a lot in Portugal :/ Here in La, we are using shorts and skirts! :) Today's outfit was inspired in the tv show "Suits" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8s6NQLdOOg). I'm completely in love with this show, it's so clever and so funny and sexy, and casting is so talented and off course the wardrobe it's to die for!

 "Suits" is about lawyers world, so there is a lot of office outfits, pencil skirts, scarpin shoes and chic blouses. I love it!
This type of skirts are super elegant but they are also very very comfortable, high waist skirts when you have to be seated all day behind a computer are really helpfull. You will not feel tight and makes you seat in a correct posture, because the skirt is holding your waist. The lenght of pencil skirts variable, and we should choose according to your body type. If you are short, you choose wear it on top of your knee or shorter, if you're tall you can wear it covering your knees.
Pencil skirts are super elegant and make you look  slender. If you don't wear this because you have belly, weel there is solution for that.  You can wear spax, you can find it in every size and shape, and they are very comfortable, believe me. In this outfit I'm wearing neutral colors, so I decided to make my lips pop.  ;)
Did you like this outfit? Would you wear it? :)










I'm wearing:
 Zara sweater - $30
Vintage skirt stole from my mother ;p
Zara shoes - $35
Primark Clutch - $3
Zara sunglasses- $5
With Love,
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