Kate and Punk Diamonds

Hello Lovessss! Around here the Fall still let you wear shorts and skirts, so I'm enjoying every little minute in the sun!!! I absolutely love sun. I know that in Portugal, is already cold, so I bring you an outfit that you can easily transform for colder weather, you just have to add tights and a cardigan.

You could wear this outfit for different occasions, it's very elegant and young. I'm mixing styles again, a strong grafic t-shirt with a big illustration of a skull and a rose, very punk and then a Marilyn Monroe diamonds necklace on top. This opposite styles create a very interesting combination. A choose a simple tulip black skirt with a leather stripe. This skirt shape (tulip) enhance your sexy curves, or create the illusion that you actually have sexy hips, and I love that!!! This leather stripe on the skirt brings some detail to the skirt, and makes it special, so it's not just a regular black skirt. You can see leather in everything the year, it's a big trend.

This outfit enhance specially short girls (like me), the lenght of the skirt it's perfect for short legs, and the tulip shape can hide your belly and make you with sexy curves. The high waist makes your waist look smaller, so thinner. So, this skirt is kinda of Must Have!!! You should try tulip skirts, and let me know your thoughts. :)

I hope you enjoy this outfit, romantic and rebel at the same time. Let me know your thoughts... ♥









I'm wearing:

Zara T-shirt - $5 (sales)

Zara skirt - $25

JustFab bag - $14

Primark shoes- $15

Aldo necklace- $15 (3 necklaces pack)

With Love,


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