Kate and Feathers

Hello sweeties!!! How have you been? How was your NYE? If you follow me on Instagram (@KateCaviar) know that I'm in Nyc for the holidays, but I'll go back to LA next monday! Well guys, it's super cold here, it's colder than Portugal, believe me! Today I saw snow! It's beautiful, everything becomes white and the snow is so soft, it's like cotton! Well, but I'm here to share with you an outfit! This one it's very romantic and sophisticated. I hope you enjoy it!

1- Bodysuit. I can't leave my house without a bodysuit. Remember, every layer is important!

2- Underwear sweater! It's a must have to have! The one I'm wearing is from Primark. Very affordable and great quality! I bought a couple for $3!!!

3 - The sweater. The one I'm wearing I bought it in sale, it's very warm and it's full with pearls and beads, I love these little details. Makes the difference and it's very feminine..:)

4 - Blazer! The velvet blazer I'm wearing it's lined with a warmer fabric inside. What makes him very warm for this weather.

4 - Tights or underware leggins! I always use it during winter, I can't simply wear jeans or pants. So I also use two pair of socks! No, I don't like to feel cold!

5 - Acessories! Hat or beanie, scarf and gloves! Here I need to wear everything at the same time!!! One day I left house with no hat or beanie and the cold burn my face skin. Yes, it's super cold around here. So look for your favorite winter accessories and be creative! The hat and feathers that I'm wearing I bought it from a vintage store. Dry cleaning and they're new again, and I save a lot of money!  :p



IMG_5570 IMG_5573







I'm wearing:

Loft sweater - $12 (sales)

 Zara blazer- $25 (sales)

 Topshop jeans - $35

Bebe Boots - $40

Prada Bag - $ 15

Vintage hat - $15

Feathers - $10

With Love,


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