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Hello Gorgeous! How have you been? This week was like a roller coaster, up and down, what really pick me up was all your positive feedback on my Youtube video! Thank you so much for all the comments, great feedback and love! You guys are the best!

And now, let's talk about this outfit. This look a put together it's an exemple that You MUST mix it up! Coordination is a crime, or it should be! Wearing a leopard sweater, leopard high boots and a leopard bag, it is to chic, or cute! A clever mix of chic and cheap hits the jackpot when it comes down to dressing elegantly. It takes practice and also you have to be a free spirit but the rule is simple: have fun and feel good in whatever you're wearing, if you're not, go home and change. And also, imagine you much money we would need to spend to coordinate every garment of our closet! I don't believe that money can make you look chic.

I like to mix it up, and create outfits that are versatile. I always buy garments that I love by itself, and makes me happy, to happy that I'll have the challenge of  creating outfits with the other garments that I already have in my closet. This is make you be more creative, and challenging yourself is always a good thing. Be brave and fierce. If you like orange dresses and yellow shoes, go for it girl! Next day probably someone will try to recreate that same look. Fashion is constantly evolving and that's what makes it so interesting.

So as you can see, on this outfit, I chose garments that almost could be a school uniform, but then the textures and patterns contradict it. The shirt is Tom Boyish, very warm and casual and the jumpsuit is made of synthetic leather, I almost could drive a motorcycle with it ;P Then add this high-knee sock that spices up a bit and at the same time, reminds me about school uniforms. So this contraction, makes everything look surprisingly interesting and fun.

You should try to look at things from a different perspective, free your mind, and have fun! Be comfortable with who you are!  :)









I'm wearing:

Forevre21 Shirt- $9

Urban Outfiters jumpsuit - $15 (sales)

Forever21 Bag - $22

 H&M Socks

Bebe Boots - $40 (sales)

With Love,


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