Kate and Accessories

Hello Darlings! How have you been? :) I would like to start this post saying Thank you to everyone who have been supporting me and all the positive feedback here and on the first Youtube video. I'm starting to work on the new one! Anyone wants to guess the theme? ;)

Today's outfit is a good example to show you how the right accessories can make a big difference. Let's start from the top...

1. Earings. Earrings are a very usual accessorie that have the power to change the way you look. They give a nice finishing touch. They don't need to be very elaborate, little gold ones, pearls or just a sparkle stud earring can be charming. On this outfit I'm wearing a clear sparkle stud earrings and a flowery blue ear cuff. I pull my hair up so the earrings stand up.

2. The scarf. I love, love this scarf, I love the colors and the texture. In many cases a scarf gives the final touch to the outfit. You have to try many different ways to wear it to find the way that suits you best. It is a very personal matter and the way you tie it shows part of your personality. I'm wearing it loose so create a more casual stylea nd to show all the colors and lenght.

3. Belt. To wear a belt is the most wonderfull way to enphasize your waits. Every women likes tiny waits and it is a good accessorie to add a touch of color to your outfit. I choose to wear this scarlet red belt to create a beautiful contrast with the pale blue shirt. The boots I'm wearing are a different red, but don't try to match too much, that is a mistake. If you are short-waisted you should avoid wide belts, thinner ones will make you look longer.

I hope you enjoy the outfit and find helpful my tips! Let me know if you have any questions, I'm here to help! Thank you sweeties!!!




IMG_4865 IMG_4868 IMG_4799 IMG_4874



I'm wearing:

H&M shirt- $9 (sales)

Topshop jeans- $35

Bebe boots- $40 (sales)

Scarf stole to my Mom :)

Forever21 belt - $3

Forever21 earrings - $1

Forever21 ear cuff- $3

With Love,