Tea to Tan

Tea to Tan is a Hydra-Bronze shaker spray Water-mist. 

An Aqua Bronzer formulated with Native Active Water from tea. A watercolour effect, without transfer, budge, smudge and without self-tanning agent. Fast dry and you just need to wash your face to remove it.  A revolutionary texture “100% water” with a bi-phased formula to customise the application. By shaking the bottle before use so as to evenly mix the fine pearlescent particles, the skin is enhanced with a radiant and glimmering tan. I recommend to use this on your body this for night events. Otherwise, don't shake it and you will get a very natural look and a glowing skin. Whichever way, apply a few drops of TEA to TAN in the palm of your hand and decollete. Renew the application to intensify the tanning colour if needed.


- Red Teas and Black Teas : anti-oxidant and detoxifying

- Native Water of Organic Cherry : antioxidant, detoxifying and revitalising

- Correcting micro-prisms and coloured powders : Healthy Bronzing Effect


You can find it here: Tea to Tan - By Terry

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